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Several years ago I published an ezine called “Dynamic Living”, subtitled: “A monthly ezine for people who live thoughtfully and with purpose.”

It was my first effort at producing something which would be of relevance to the gifted community and – being a typical INTJ – it was over-ambitious for my available resources.

Many of its articles are still relevant today, however, so I publish them here. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve grouped them loosely by subject.

Some of them are quite long so if you want to read them you might be better off printing them out first.

[The transposition from the old format to the new is a bit time-consuming so I’m adding them a few at a time. Eventually there will be links to each article. Sorry if you’re disappointed first time round. cjc]

General Relevance

Intrapersonal Issues

Interpersonal Issues

Work-related Issues

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