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We are each unique – physically, psychologically and intellectually – and therefore individually perfect.

Our perfection as gifted, creative and talented adults is often a poor mix with the perfection of the other individuals in our world. We are seen as weird or worse by our families, our workmates and our acquaintances.  All of us have experienced the rejection – sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh – of our insights and suggestions. All of us have had to bite back the words: “I told you so!” when we turned out to be correct-but-ignored yet again.

It’s not surprising that so many of us retreat into a way of being in which only we are aware of our unique inner light. We might quench it with drab clothing,  or a humdrum job. Or maybe we medicate it away with alcohol or other drugs. All these behaviors are in the interest of protecting ourselves from the pain of rejection, the isolation that results from our uniqueness, or the exposure arising from success.

Our hiding, while understandable, is a loss for both us and the universe. It costs us our potential for making the world a more beautiful place. To achieve this, I need you to fulfill your true essence and you need me to do the same. That way, everyone benefits.  When we find the courage to express our light from within, we give others permission to do the same, freeing them to benefit us with their own talents.

There is no immodesty in stepping forward to claim what is yours. By manifesting your true self you reveal the light of the world shining through you, not centered upon you. Even a performer, center stage and with every light in the house turned upon her, is really saying: “This is all about us as humans,” and not just: “Look at me!”.

It’s only when we dare to let universal energy manifest through the unique stencil which is ourselves that we discover our potential. Through our self-revelation we assert: “I am worth this risk. You are worth this risk.”

We are not guaranteed a consistently warm reception. Even the sun, shining equally on all,  drives  some people inside to hide.  But there will always be others who will unfold themselves and embrace our energy.

You can start the process of revealing your uniqueness in a simple way.  Start by making a list of everything you do well and/or which rewards you with pleasure, however impractical, silly, or seemingly irrelevant. Remind yourself that “do” can be passive, as in “reflect upon” as well as active, as in “dance the tango”. It can be humble, as in “knit” as well as grand, as in “win Olympic gold”.

When you have your list, keep it in mind so that it informs your every action. Know the reality of yourself, of your uniqueness, without judging it. Slowly, you will find yourself manifesting more consistently and more successfully in the domain into which you will move.

There are no short cuts. The human entity makes progress at a pace that involves building cell on cell, assumption on assumption, experience on experience. But the process is unstoppable, the outcome – your ever-increasing manifestation of perfect uniqueness – inevitable.

You may never discover what impact your pure energy has had on others but you can be sure of this:  when you embrace your uniqueness and risk revealing it to others, you benefit yourself and every other one of us throughout the world.

2 Responses to “You’re perfect: let it show.”

  1. Colleen says:

    Dear Christopher,

    I found your site and find it remarkable. Many people do not understand the identity and life challenges of the gifted, but you do. Unfortunately my family of origin was hostile to who I was and who I needed to be. I spent my adolescence and young adulthood in a life that frustrated me to depression. I wish we had had the internet back then. ;) Your words, now, are an affirmation I never had then. Thank you so much.

    Now, I have blossomed into full adulthood and, while I do carry some baggage and pain from those days, I have re-created myself by “indulging my interests” and beginning to do so in my later twenties. This helped me learn about myself and the world around me and find a lifepath that is meaningful and rewarding, which has lessened the pain I bore in my earlier life. Your words and messages on your website and blog truly speak to me. In my late twenties, consistent with my growing awareness of who I was, who I needed to be and what I needed to do, I also realized that I would not longer feel guilty or ashamed–or accept mistreatment and poor attitudes from those around me when I sought to be myself. I seek relationships that are reciprocal and, over time, have been able to cultivate friendships that reflect the idea of accepting and supporting the divine light within us.

    I love that you are a therapist and a life who addresses the unique needs of the gifted and highly gifted. We have no reason to feel we have to hide or apologize for who we are and who we need to be. We do need to learn the principles of Dynamic Living to stay healthy.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your site, blog and services for a special niche of people who have known special needs.

    Keep expanding the awareness!

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Thank you very much for your kind remarks and for your story. You demonstrate one of the qualities that I often find in gifted individuals – a powerful resilience that enables them to push through the pain and confusion of early years.

    It doesn’t always leave them free of scars, but many succeed in fighting through and living their own lives in, as far as possible, their own way.

    It may seem slightly perverse, but I believe one component in that resilience is a deep-rooted optimism. When you can see how things ‘could be better’ it’s hard not to commit to making them that way.

    Thanks again for your comments. I’ll try to keep up the good work!


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